An expert on the interactions between humans, computers, urbanism and art, Elmar Trefz began his multimedia fascination by programming Commodores in the ’80s. In 2016, he was awarded a PhD for his research into urban user experiences in the digital age.

Along the way, he has blended data and media art for projects with Futurefarmers in San Francisco, Spinifex in LA and Sydney, Art-for-Innovation initiative Disonancias in San Sebastian, Spain, and Germany's ZKM in Karlsruhe. He taught Big Data Visualisation at the University of Sydney and directed the Electrofringe festival in Newcastle, Australia.

Having co-created AMP’s 360Goals project, he is currently exploring how decentralised finance is reshaping our interactions with money and financial products. When not solving thorny problems, Elmar is up a mountain, on a skateboard, or enjoying the ocean with his friends and family.